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Throughout the year

Every Sunday, we offer Sunday School in English at 11:00 am and Sunday School in Spanish at 1:00 pm. Children discuss their experience of God through the Godly Play program and lessons on the Sunday Gospel.

During the School Year

St. Ann’s offers its renowned After-School program, which was made famous in Jonathan Kozol’s Amazing Grace: The lives of Children and the Conscience of a Nation and Ordinary Resurrections: Children in the years of Hope. We accept 100 children of the ages 5-13 who attend the public schools. We pick up the children at their schools, bring them to the church, give them a nutritious snack. Then they go to their classrooms to do homework and supplemental learning. Before their parents pick them up at 6:00 pm, they are served a hot supper.

During the Summer

For 6 weeks in the summer, St. Ann’s offers a Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School. The Freedom School is designed to teach the children to love to read, with culturally relevant books. The curriculum has the theme “I can make a difference in myself, my family, my community, my country and my world”; so it also develops leaders. Our Freedom School is for the first 100 public school children ages 5-13 who submit completed applications. Older youth are invited to apply to spend a healthy, safe, enlightening and fun summer as community volunteers. Young people who have completed one year of college are invited to apply to be paid “servant leaders” who are role models to and teach the Freedom School scholars.